Wineries, SF Bay Area, opentable restaurants, hawaii beaches,


I'm going to make the following lists. Any feedback on priorities would be appreciated. I'm new and some of these may already be done..... I will follow up.


Sonoma Wineries
Napa Wineries
Santa Cruz Wineries
San Francisco Bay area activities (museums, zoo's, parks, children's activities)

Opentable restaurants

Beaches in Hawaii.

that sounds great, I checked

that sounds great, I checked and it looks like the wineries that you want to work on have not been done yet.

San Francisco Bay area attractions would also be nice for tourists or locals to have.

Great ideas, have fun

Miss Poi

great idea!!

This is a great project!! =)

I vote for Napa wineries and beaches in HI as priority. =)

Good Luck!

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Living in SF and frequently visiting Napa, your POI list will surely help me find my way around! Once finished, how do I upload these particular POI? Will they be included on a "master list" of national POI?