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WOW! What a cool website! I'm really excited to be here and looking forward to using some POI's. I live in Lexington, SC and work in the Environmental field. I have had a few Garmins and other GPS's but am now using a Garmin c330.

I'll be asking lots of questions in the future...

Thanks again for the cool site,

Welcome Jack, I hope you

Welcome Jack,
I hope you enjoy the site as well as of all of us do. We are here to help and learn from each other and contribute any POI's you create yourself. JM and Miss POI and just fabulous individuals allowing us to share and hangout.

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Welcome, Outfield Jack

I'm sure you are going to learn and contribute a lot on this site. I'm sure you will find the members here very friendly and helpful with any questions you have.

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Welcome to the board Jack.

Welcome to the board Jack. POI Factory is full of great information, you'll learn a lot just by browsing around the discussion area. Also, If you should have a question, I as well as any of the other members would be glad to help.



Hey, anyone want to place a wager that OutfieldJack will be teaching us in the near future?? LoL
This is a very addicting hobby for sure.

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Welcome aboard, don't be shy

Welcome aboard, don't be shy and enjoy your new obsession:)

Miss Poi

Welcome to the obsessed

Welcome to the obsessed crowd of nuts.

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Welcome Jack :)

Nice to have you onboard!

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Thanks for the welcome...

Thanks for the welcome... loading these POI's is very easy... I'm having aot of fun.


Outfield Jack

Good to have you aboard Jack you will enjoy yourself here there is lots of very nice people here have fun and stop by frequently

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