best way to make nuvi 660 yellow pages as complete as possible


I frequently used yahoo yellow pages to look up businesses of all kinds, and then put the address in mapquest to get driving directions. I just got a Nuvi 660, and it can pretty much take the place of both yahoo yellow pages and the driving directions, but I have noticed that it doesnt have many of the businesses in my area, for whatever reason. I've looked up these businesses in yahoo yellow pages, and it had them. Is there some way to get a massive, freshly updated list of all the businesses in the San Diego County area and put it on the Nuvi 660?

The only way you will get

The only way you will get those business in your Nuvi is create a POI for those business and then load them with POI loader.

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San Diego...

I am also in San Diego and my Nuvi 360 is missing many places. =( I didn't know the city was changing THAT much... but I am impressed they have the complete 56 freeway installed.

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