Product Registration


I just got my 1400. I went to register it on Magellan's website and the website said my S/N was wrong. I checked it three times. The S/N on the back was the same as the S/N on the package. I tried to re-enter it on the website and it got refused each time. I e-mailed Magellan. They told me to go into the unit's program and get the S/N. It is the same as the other two locations. Has anyone has this problem? My first 4 digits are 0754

General Notes

Be sure you didn't confuse an "I" (eye) with a 1 (One) or a zero (0) with the letter O.

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Product Registration

Thanks For The Reply Randy. The S/N shows the zero's with the / through them, so that could not be the issue. I am still waiting for Magellan to get back to me.

Another suggestion

Another thought on checking the S/N is to go to User Options->System Settings->Product Information. It has the S/N listed here.