MMMMMM... Donuts!


Taking a break from POI building and I thought I'd relate this story.

I had started working for a company involved in real estate last spring and on occasion I was late for appointments because I got lost in the neighborhood due to similar street names.

I told my girlfriend that I was going to buy a GPSr to help me find the properties and she just rolled her eyes in skepticism. Another toy no doubt.

A few days after my new Nuvi 260, my girlfriend had to take her mother and aunt to the airport for an early morning departure. She hadn't come back to my house from the airport the way I told her to go and it would still be before sunrise, so she was a little concerned she'd not be able to easily find her way back to the house.

I had demonstrated how the 260 works the night before on a quick trip to get gas, and suggested she try it out. After confirming the route the 260 came up with was the same one I told her to take, I gave her a 60 second primer on how to use it.

The next morning after she got back from the airport, I awoke to find a box of donuts in the kitchen. She was very excited at how well it worked and how easy it was to operate...

As for the donuts? I had loaded the Dunkin Donuts Poi ( into the unit and on her way home it alerted. She looked at the screen, saw why it was alerting, laughed and pulled in!

I didn't intend to use my Nuvi for evil, but it sure was nice to have fresh donuts with my morning coffee!

Drivesmart 66, Nuvi 2595LMT (Died), Nuvi 1490T (Died), Nuvi 260 (Died), GPSMAP 195

Dunkin Donuts

That may be a good poi to have alerted. The parking lot may be full of police cars. grin