mp3 loading problem solved...


Hi All,

I recently purchased a Nüvi 880 and bought two 8Gb microSDHC cards, to load up with my .mp3 music files.

All went well, until I tried to load one of the cards into the Nüvi 880. The unit started loading the card and all of a sudden the Garmin splash screen appeared and the card stopped loading. Keep in mind that the .mp3's were copied from a 4Gb Compact Flash SDHC card, I was using on my Nüvi 670.

I called Garmin tech support and they offered a few suggestions, one of which was, to determine if the card was defective and, as it turns out, the card was OK.

I was able, from trial and error, to locate the offending folder of .mp3 files and once I removed it from the card, the .mp3's loaded properly. So then, I opened iTunes and went to the playlist of .mp3's that contained the songs that wouldn't load properly and did a "Get Info" on the songs and realized that they didn't have any "ID 3 Tags".

So I selected all 34 songs in the playlist, "control-clicked" and chose "Convert ID3 Tags...

Once I did that, I created a folder on my desktop and copied those .mp3 files to that folder, then I loaded that folder on to my 8Gb microSDHC, once again. This time, the card loaded properly.

I couldn't say why those .mp3's loaded and played on my Nüvi 670 using the 4Gb Compact Flash SDHC card, without any "ID3" tags, but all I can say is that now they're loading properly, on my Nüvi 880.

Once again, all's well in mp3ville...



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Thanks for the Details

This is good information to have handy. Of course, if / when I actually need it, I probably won't remember... wink

thanks for the steps of what you did though!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled forum - already in progress . . .

I think it's like the flu...

These are like the flu -- they seem to spread. Was able to help a person at work with a new Nuvi that was having trouble setting up MP3s... Convert the tags over, and now all is well!

Let's hear it for community!

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