POI Organizer Updated!



I have posted POI Organizer version 1.1.0

Fixes include:

Reimplemented import of CSV files, should now be more robust. Addded failure info to the alert when an import failes.
Added progress bars to import and export operations.
Optimized many operations - specifically import and export, they should be much faster.

CoreData functions could cause program to hang when doing operations on large collections, should be fixed.
Fixed undo/redo refresh of smart collections.




Re:POI Organizer Updated!...

Hi Merchon,

Thanks for the heads up...

As the development of the POI Organizer progresses, it reminds me of what the genetic engineers said about the prune...

"Today the pits...tomorrow the wrinkles"

Keep up the good work and keep working on those wrinkles!!!



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Thanks for the update -- which covers everything on my list, and then some!

Individual developers have always been the strength of the Mac!

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AARG! It's not universal?

AARG! It's not universal? Shoot. My G5 doesn't like it.

Does it still

Does it still only work with Mac OS 10.5 ?????

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POI Organizer is a universal application. it should run on both intel and PPC. But it will only run on OS X 10.5!


Sorry for the

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Great Program


My first try with POI Organizer shows you have put a lot of work into the program. Only one problem I've encountered so far, I've loaded the new SPEEDTRAPS POI file and Organizer doesn't recognize any points. The app says the POI isn't parsed correctly. Is this a problem with the file, or the program?

I've checked the file using Excel, and it appears to be OK. I'm using Organizer 1.2.1

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Is there a Tiger version available?

I'm not ready to switch to 10.5.x yet but I'd like to try out your application

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POI Organizer for OS 10.4?

Still running 10.4 because I need to be able to use some ancient OS9 apps, but would really like to use your program. Can you compile for Tiger, or is that not possible?