National Archives POI (US)


I've submitted a POI for US National Archives locations and it's now on the POI factory.

I'm a volunteer at the southern California NARA branch (archives) and thought it useful to put up this file....for the genealogists and genealogy volunteers among us. I've put it in the category of libraries, rather than government.

The file has National Archives and Records Administration branches, and presidential libraries. It also shows for each archive branch the states that they cover, and the last column shows the email address of each of the facilities, with the "" omitted.

I envision a NARA volunteer or genealogist using this file to find the nearest NARA facility to a location, and thus the nearest that might have naturalization papers of their target ancestors and other papers.

It should also prove useful for people visiting those facilities as well. If you find any errors, please alert me.


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