Custom POI for Dog Hotels/Boarding


I just used my Garmin 350 on a trip to the Smokey Mountains. Wow... It made the whole trip better. However, my wife missed our dogs the entire trip and kept saying we should have brought them with us. Therefore, I thought of a cutom POI that would be great. If there was a list of the dog hotels in each state then we could take our dogs with us. Drop them off at a dog hotel for the day while we did site seeing and pick them up before we moved on to the next location. We could see the dogs each day and make sure they are ok but when necessary we could still site see. If we leave them in a hotel that allows dogs then I worry about maids letting them out, etc. Dog boarding for a few hours is the answer. Anybody else find use in this? Thanks

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I agree

I think that's a great idea. I also think having a POI with hotels that accept pets is a good idea also. I traveled with my Dog once across country, and the hardest part was finding a hotel that would accept pets.


Here's a site I had bookmarked

Very extensive categories on the left side of the screen.

You may want to contact the site owners to see about building POI files from their data. It could be mutually beneficial for both sites.

already done

We have already established a relationship with this company and here are the files that we have made;)
Miss POI


Thanks for pointing those out Miss POI.

FYI - I just revisited the site and it took me a while to find their GPS files. They don't make it easy for people to find them.

And you may want to see if they are keeping the POI files updated. On their site they only list 10 states, while there are 25 on this site. But it appears none of those have been updated since April.

Pets Welcome Files

I am currently working with the owner of the site to create these files. I have not received any data from him in a couple of months. In a communication with him last week, he promised to send the rest of the files. I will create the new files as soon as I get the data. As for updating existing files, he was going to keep them updated but I do not know the status of that. Sorry for the inconvenience.