poi and c530


i have a number of speed poi and redlight poi programed in to my c530. if i program my gps for a rout and the change of rout notice ,voice and pic, come up at the same time as the speed poi or redlight poi, i get a sound ding but no red pic of the poi. has any one else noticed this.

no alert while recalculating


So in other words, the alert message for a nearby POI is not shown if the GPS happens to be recalculating your route when the alert would normally be shown?


recalculating or just giving

recalculating or just giving an oral command ie "turn left". i assume the priority is with the command line but u do get the ping notice but no red notice.


I don't know if that's what Garmin intended or it if it's some kind of bug.

In any case, you might try changing the alert distance when you're loading the files with POI Loader. The default is something like 1320 feet. If you make it a little longer (say 1500 feet) it might alow the red light alert to happen before your turn instuctions.

... just an idea. (I haven't tested this myself.)


i didnt know u could change

i didnt know u could change the alert distance. how do u do that i know how to set the speed.

overriding POI Loader defaults

You can override the default speed or distance alert settings when you're loading new locations with POI loader. After you select your data directory and click next, POI Loader will show a settings page for each file. If you don't like the default settings, just type in what you want them to be.

Choices include:

* turn alerts on/off for a POI file
* set alert speed
* set alert distance


that seems to work but u

that seems to work but u have to set the poi loader to manual to get the change setting option.


I recently downloaded the poi's for relight cameras...(thanks to JM I got it working). I have a Magellan Roadmate 800. I have my alerts set to where I want them, and they seem to be working fine; However I do not get a red pic. With the Roadmate 800 I can set two alarms. (I have one set @ 75' and the 2nd @ 39') Just wondering if this odel doesn't give you the red pic.

the c530 does give red pic

the c530 does give red pic when ur just maping only but not when ur have it set for a rout. extending the alert distance seems to have fixed the problem. it only happens when the driving direction comes at the same time as the alert. when that happens the driving directions takes priority and i think thats a good thing lol

red pic alerts

Thank you Robert. I'll extend my distance to see if that fixes my propblem. I'll let you know what happens.
Thanks again.