speed information entered in manual mode


i have been looking at the help files in the poiloader.
the proities r the information entered in the poi file and then in information entered in the manual load. my question is why would u ever want to not enter information in the poi file and rely in the manual load. i cant think of a reason. anyone have any ideas

some not-so-good reasons

... another good question Mr. B.

I can't think of any really good reasons, but here are a few lesser points:

* the file size is a little smaller if you set speed alerts in the file name or using POI Loader (saves about 3 characters per location).

* it's easier to change speed alerts for everything at the same time (but I can't think of any realistic scenarios where I'd want to do this)

* you might want to set an alert for a category that normally doesn't have one (e.g., beep when I pass by a Home Depot store).

Like I said, these are fairly weak arguments. Perhaps someone else can come up with a better reason.