c530 antenna port


lost the rubber plug for the antenna port on my c530. is this something i should replace, and if so is garmin the only place to replace it. it seems so small and unimportant

no cover

I have a Magellan and a Garmin model that are designed without a cover for the antenna connector, so I don't think the lost cover will cause any problems. (Assuming you're not using it on a motorcycle or open air Jeep) smile


no motercycle in this life

no motercycle in this life lol.

thank you

to bring everyone up to

to bring everyone up to date. i lost the rubber plug to the antenna port on my c530. the conculsion of myself and another memeber of the site was that this piece was not necessary. this afternoon i went into office depot where i bought the c530 and the manager took the plug out of the demo and gave it to me. this is the kind of service u dont see very often. keep this service in mind if u have to shop for office supplies.

i got the following response

i got the following response on another forum:

"I doubt it would matter. The original StreetPilot 2610 had no cover on the MCX antenna port, and was rated submersible to one meter. The "c" series is not rated waterproof."

i thought some of the c series owners might like to know this.

the moral is dont go scuba diving with ur c series gps lol


And here I thought you were going to give us the GPS Coord for the sunkin treasure.
And you are wrong, you can take your C series SCUBA Diving (Once at-least). It won't work after that, But you can take it... (LOL)

PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS, UNLESS YOU ARE RICH, AND LOOKING TO BUY ANOTHER GPS UNIT (Figured I better put that last part in for are less funny minded people).


thats not the half of it. i

thats not the half of it. i could not get c530 inside my mask. maybe someone who has tried to scuba with gps can help.lol

Ya know...

I read this and then got the visual of a sky diver trying to use his GPS to see how close they could get to their projected target. May be a new sport, you just have to make sure that you are not fidgiting with the device before you pull the parachute cord, that could be much more fatal then playing with your GPS while driving.
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its nice to know we may have

its nice to know we may have a leader that is at least as crazy as the followers lol


After about the 50th "Re-Caulculating", I think I'd drop the darn thing the last 200 feet.....(LOL)


too funny

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to tracylaud83 no guts no

to tracylaud83

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