Paul Newman dies at 83


It is always sad when this

It is always sad when this world loses a legend, he was a very talented man.

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RIP Paul

An Oscar winning actor, champion race driver, and Generous philanthropist. RIP Sir! You will be missed.

Paul Leonard Newman 1925 - 2008 RIP

Paul Newman was a native of Cleveland, OH, Shaker Heights to be exact.

Born Paul Leonard Newman on 26 Jan 1925 in Cleveland, Ohio where he was raised and educated at Shaker Heights High School where he dabbled in acting and graduated High School in 1943. He attended Ohio University until his education was interrupted by the US's entry into WWII.
Following service in the war as a torpedo plane crewman, Afterwards he ran his father's successful sporting goods store in Cleveland.

Realizing he had to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor, Newman moved his family to New Haven, Connecticut, so that he could attend the Yale University School of Drama. While doing a play at Yale, he was reportedly scouted by New York City theatrical agents, who urged him to move to the city, eventually making it to the prestigious Actors' Studio in New York, where his contemporaries included Marlon Brando and James Dean.

You always made your hometown Proud, And you will be missed.

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Cool Hand Luke

one of the greatest movies made!

On marriage

Once when Newman was asked if he ever considered straying, his answer was something like 'I get steak at home, why go out for hamburger' - not enough of that attitude around in Hollywerid, or anywhere these days.

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I miss Paul. He was great.


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The Sting

djs wrote:

one of the greatest movies made!

Agreed about Cool Hand Luke, but when I was a kid The Sting just blew me away, thought it was great. Still do. Love it everytime I see it.

Fast Eddie Felson

He was also great in The Hustler and The Color of Money.

He seemed immune to the

He seemed immune to the Hollywood ego. He had other interests and didn't live the Hollywood lifestyle. One of the lasts of the true stars. A legend

Paul Newman

He was a true icon- I think you you would have to look long and hard to find someone that could not speak kind about him. He will be remembered forever!

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