Automobile dash suction mount!


idea Will the car manufacturer realize that a dash suction mount is needed for all the GPS or other gadgets.


Even if it's like a pull out shelf, like a pull out cutting board. I think my car can sacrifice a few of it's 8 cup holders for a GPS/MP3/Phone mount.

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You're 100 % right !!! Maybe

You're 100 % right !!!
Maybe on the 2010 models ???

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But Where

How would they please everyone though?

People have different preferences for where their GPS is located. Some like it in the center of the dash, some like it on the left side of the dash, some like it by the radio.

ANYTHING is better than nothing

Some sort of pull-out shelf with a compartment with a door and a power socket inside would be pretty cool. We just need to get a little more mainstream. A lot of the new cars have Aux Input jacks and extra power sockets to accomodate MP3 players. My Ford Taurus has a nifty dash compartment that allowed for a very custom-looking mounting system.

Adhesive is your friend...

I wanted to mount my Nuvi on my dash instead of the windshield, so I used the plastic disk with the adhesive bottom that shipped with my unit and stuck it on my dash. The suction cup holds on to the plastic disk just as well as glass. grin

As for auto makers, that's just asking too much. razz

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Those sticky-backed disks are handy...

I doubt the manufacturers would ever be eager to offer suction cup mounts for GPS units (and/or plug and play satellite radios). I think they would prefer that their customers spend money on the optional in-dash models that the automakers offer.

I'm new to this list as of

I'm new to this list as of this AM. Great information.

On the subject of suction mountings when we were in the UK in July, I was cautioned about using a suction mount on the window because even though the mount is removed there is still a circle mark left on the glass and thieves will target those cars on the chance that the GPS has be "hidden" in the car.
I've found that I really like the type of mount that clipped into the air vents. I've got 2 installed in my cars and carry one for travel. Got em on Ebay for a fraction of the brand name ones.

George in California

George in California


Window and dash (suction cups on disk) has a tendency to "pop" loose in cold weather at the worse time. Like turning a corner. Think I tried about every thing. Settled with the "bean bag" mount. Works in all three of my cars with no problems.

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I'd love to see it

But my guess is that the manufacturers would rather have GPS as a multi-thousand dollar option as opposed to providing a "free" standard item.

Look at it this way - if it costs an additional $5 per car to put in this capability, over 100,000 cars, that's an additional half a million dollars.

Food for thought,



I had trouble with the suction mount and settled on the "bean bag" mount. I love it. I can move it to wherever I want - center or left of steering wheel and it stays put. I can leave it under my seat (after I remove the Nuvi) and not have to worry about it.

My Nuvi260 keeps popping off

Don't know why, but the suction cup hickey didn't work very well when my Garmin was attached on the little plastic disk.sad It holds for about 30 minutes and then pops off. Became frustrating after awhile, so I just keep the Garmin in the coffee cup holder under the car radio and strain my neck to view the screen.
I'm thankful it's a talker at least.