I tried and tried and tried


I'm an OLD FART trying to down load MP3 music to my Garmin 750 Can any body help me?


Create a folder called mp3. Then copy all of your songs into that folder. You should now be able to see all of your music when you select Media Player.

If you need more assistance, please tell us what steps you have taken and we can go from there. Also, what type of computer are you using?


First be sure that the songs are actually MP3 format and not some other format like WMA, AAC, M4P. Those formats are not compatible with the nuvi. (Don't assume that just because the songs play on your computer that they are actually MP3 format.)

Second, be sure that they don't have any license restrictions such as DRMs on songs purchased through iTunes.

Then, open the folder where your songs are on your computer.

Then, open a file browser window on your computer with your SD card open (you will want to get an SD card for your music if you haven't already). Create a folder on the card for your songs.

Then, copy and paste the songs onto the card the same as you would copy any file.

SD card

Rather than loading MP3's on the limited storage on the nuvi itself, I would suggest you pop the 20 bux for at last a 2GB SD card. More storage! This also minimizes the file activity on the unit.

Plus..if you have a card reader on your computer, the transfer will be much quicker assuming you have USB 2.0 on your computer vs the lousy USB 1.1 on the nuvi.

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