Garmin Suction Mount rubber bonded to the windshield


Just wanted to let everyone know that if you leave your Garmin suction mount attached to the inside of the windshield too long the rubber will bond to the windshield. I just found out the hard way (it was attached for about 4 months).....

I tried to remove the mount today and it would not come off unless I used a large plastic blade to seperate the the rubber suction from the windshield. This caused some of the rubber to remain on the windshield.

Here are some pictures

Luckily, the wife's C320 is under warranty and they are sending me a new mounting bracket.
Garmin did not even want the old bracket back so at least we can use the GPS.



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I agree, when I call, I

I agree, when I call, I don't have to go through identifying myself with a customer number or serial/model number.
You can just call them up even for technical support questions without owning the unit!


Use Disk

I use the disk that came with unit. I put it above my rear view mirror If I were you, I would use the disk as it is hard plastic and would likely be much easier to remove when the time arrives. I tried to use the disk on the dash or other surface but it would not adhere. I believe the surface must be clean and smooth for the disk to stick properly. It gets quite hot here and I knew that the soft rubber of the bracket would have problems if left on for a period of time. Thanks for the information though as it confirms my apprehensions about placing it on the window directly.

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Reading your comment, I could not help but wonder if you failed to remove the plastic protection for shipment that it might go flying (GPS unit) if the plastic separates from the suction cup underneath and possibly hurting the driver or a passenger - not to mention potential damage to the unit.

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Continuation of suction mount

Received response from my email to Garmin. They will be sending a new mount for the C550 but my turn around time is 10-14 days before I receive it..

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rhamona wrote:

Garmin c550...same thing just happened to my hubby's mount. He just changed vehicles and when he attempted to take it out of the old vehicle to put in the new vehicle, the rubber got left behind. i have just sent an email to Garmin support to see what their policy is regarding the mounts as the GPS was only purchased 02/02/07. Currently the GPS is holding up with vaseline as I that option was suggested in a previous posting so I will see if Garmin responds to my email regarding a new mount.

When I suggested the vasaline to keep the mount up, I didnt think about the issue where the rubber gets left behind, I bet the vasaline solves that issue too.

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I believe what you just mentioned is the AKRON mount. I have one for my Palm and it works well for a flat type of GPS or Palm type device.

Removing the Disk

You brought up something I have been wondering about the Disc. Has anyone used the disk that came with the c550 on the dash and then removed it later? Is it easy to remove, does it damage the dash, leave a sticky spot? Any problems using it?


Murphy's Law

Ok, I have had trouble with the suction cup falling off the windshield in my car all the time, I borrowed my sisters car, mounted it for a day and the thing stuck! I had to use a razor-blade scraper to remove it. Figures!

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Chapstick or Vaseline

Chapstick or Vaseline. I am going to try the chapstick first, My Garmin 330 is only about two months old but I did notice the other day when I wanted to move the mount into another car it was very difficult to remove. I have two mounts. One for both cars but I wanted to use the GPS in my nephews car to calibrate his speedometer. I have seen the results of suction cups stick to windows before and it isn't pretty. It is a fine line between being stuck or falling off and ending up on the road.


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Another Option -

Try some glycerin on the suction cup before you stick it to the window. Works well for me.



Chapstick or something luke it works great and is easy to keep in your car. smile

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Garmin suction mount

I just received a nuvi 360 today and everything looks ok except for the suction mount. It seems like it will fall of the windshield any time. Is there a better after-market suction mount out there to replace this garmin suction. Idon't want to break the GPS when thi sthing does fall off.

Thank you

Transparent film on suction cup to prevent sticking to glass.

You might try using some PVC meat wrap film on the suction cup. Any wrinkle though will leak air. Spraying with a silicone lubricant might work too, but I still think the best way is to remove the mount which also reduces the chance of theft.

ME too

Its been upper 80s lately and after a while it just falls off while driving. Even if its just the suction mount. Today it threw itself down falling between my feet while on the freeway. Not safe I must say. I guess on its way down it hit my hazard button and I drove about 2 miles with those on before I relized it. I dont know how much more bashing it can handle before its had it/or the chrome trim in my car for that matter.

A litte better

My wife's also follows the same pattern and eventually falls. I remount it for her and make sure that it has a good seal and it will stay for a few weeks, but eventually it tumbles. I almost wish it will permanently bond like the first poster wrote.

Garmin Suction

I just apply a little water on the suction disk with my finger. It creates a very strong, long lasting bond with the windshield. Just make sure to remove the suction disc periodically so it won't bond like glue to the windshield. I've not had it fall off on me yet.


Vaseline trick

Unfortunately, it didnt stay up because most of the rubber had been left on the windshield. Since my last posting though, Garmin sent the new mount and all is well again.

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Anyone get the latest

Anyone get the latest suction mount from Garmin? I am curious what the new material / design is like.



I have had mine a week and a

I have had mine a week and a half and my window mount is already stuck...damn mount


I tried applying a ring of chapstick around the perimeter of the rubber mounting ring, but it completely dried out in less than a day and therefore didn't work for me at all.


I called Garmin after my suction cup really worsened after being stuck to a windshield. I spoke to a rep. in the customer service department (I believe his name is Al), who was great. He not only told me that they were having problems with the manufacturing process about 1/2 year ago, but when he offered a replacement, I asked for the beanbag instead. He said it would be no problem and would arrive in 7-10 business days, it arrive in about 3 days. This suction cup was the one small problem I had with my unit, and Al restored my faith in Garmin. Great job!

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Rubber bonding

The rubber will stick to my windshield after only a few hours.

just got off the phone with

just got off the phone with garmin - auto group and they are sending me a new suction mount and i asked for the bean bag and no dice but still impressed...

GPS mounts

jporter wrote:

Try this URL:

I found this to be a good price for what you get. I have not had a problem with it wanting to shirft or move while driving. Sure easier than putting on and taking off the suction cup mount.

Walmart also has Garmin mounts. This one is $30:

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Garmin suction cup mount bonded to window.

I rented a car in Florida for a week. When I went to remove the suction cup, it was bonded to the window. I ended up pulling the rubber off the mount. I had to use a razor blade to remove the rubber from the window. Garmin did send me a new suction cup mount, but I do not use it anymore. I bought a sand bag type mount, which works great. I can move it from one vehicle to another.

The new suction mount is

The new suction mount is MUCH MUCH MUCH better then the old ones. The same thing happened to me (as well as others) and the new ones that they sent are awesome. They hold and they don't meld to the window.

So if you perfer the suction (as I do), but scared of it leaving marks, don't worry about. But if you like the bean bag type better, go for it!

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