Proximity Alerts -Selective Select /Deselect


Hi. Just purchased a Nuvi 200w and experimented with alerts, .wav's, and TourGuide etc. and all seem to work OK. But.....

I noticed in the settings of the Nuvi 200w you can either select or deselect proximity alerts. In my menu I have Garmin's Camera Database (free trial !!) and Custom Poi's as options. Does anyone know if it is possible to increase the options in anyway for the Custom Poi's so for example certain journeys some poi items are selected and others not?

On my sd card I have the follwing folders:
Garmin > poi folder, 3 subfolders Motorway, poi, tourgiude but all are covered by the one item in settings menu of Custom Poi's.

So how does Garmin get their Camera Database item to be specified as a separate item for selection? . Any ideas?


Nope. It's not customizable.