Canadian & US Airport Customs info on GPS


I will be flying to the US from Canada and would like to take my gps on board with me. I would like to know if anyone has had any trouble with the customs people either coming or going at the airport over ther gps. I would hate to have to leave my gps at the airport. Just because some customs officer thinks I should not have it on board.

Thank you for your replys.

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I've never had any problems in my travels..

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Hi, I've been traveling a

I've been traveling a couple of times from Canada to US and vice versa with my Garmin in my carry on lugguge and never had any problem with the security checks point.

Just be sure that the batteries of your unit are charge because they might ask you to turn it on to verify that it's working properly (like a gps should....)

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No probs

Have had no problems in my air travels taking my 660 in my carry on bag and going through security.


No Problems

I always travel with my GPS - for the last 10 years. Been to Canada 20+ times. Once I had an older GPS connected to my laptop. The laptop was displaying my position on Delorme Street atlas. I drove through the US border crossing and had a pleasant, brief discussion about my GPS with the agent - he had no concern at all.

I've flown with it in my carry own, used in on planes. Taken it to Brazil many times. Never once had any negative comment and only once had anyone notice/care I had it (story above).

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