Full Screen Alert


I have had my nuvi 750 for a little over 7 months now and this has never happened before.

After starting up "Lucy" and driving in map mode, as I approached an alert POI i got a full screen alert with he voice announcement. I then had to press OK to get back to my map screen. I made "Lucy" re-boot and every thing was back to normal.

Is this a one of, or a sign of things to come and "Lucy" needs to go to Dr. Garmin at Garmin General Hospital?

Wanted -Woman with GPS -send picture of GPS

Maybe the software bug....

Full Screen Alerts

With my 750 ever sense I got it in Jan this year I have been getting Full screen alerts.
They happen if you are not in the Navigate mode.
If you are in any other mode such as scrolling the map, looking at POIs or anything else you will get a full screen alert.
I believe this to be the way it is suppose to act. Because if you are not actually in the DRIVING (Following a Route, Driving in the navigate mode)Mode and you have an alert you are not in the proper Map Viewing for the alert.

My 750 does this when I am selecting a song to play, look ant my POIs, Favorites etc...

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