Wisconsin Dells Water Parks

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Last updated 08/25/2008

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  • United States: WI

Being christened "The Waterpark Capital of the World!®" was no small accomplishment. In fact, the math is quite astounding. More than 20 waterparks dot the landscape in this community that pioneered the craze including the world's largest outdoor waterpark, Wisconsin's largest indoor watepark and the largest indoor/outdoor combination. Finding a waterpark to love is as easy as donning your swim suit and sliding down a slide. Local officials are quite certain no one has accomplished the feat of trying all 200+ waterslides, but they don't doubt die-hards have tried. Families often make selections based on their favorite waterslides, as well as their favorite accommodations. Some waterpark resorts feature luxury suites and condominiums, and many have loaded up on the amenities like restaurants, spas, and live entertainment. Some of these listings are Standalone Waterparks while others are part of Hotels/Resorts. Not an all inclusive listing, just trying to hit on the largest.