speed poi


pratical problem when it comes to speed poi.

if u on a trip and u know there is a speed trap, do u put in a number of speed pois or how do u extend the speed alert over and longer distance, ie a mile or more.


That's a good question. My first thought is that I'd prefer to have just one POI with a long alert distance, but I don't know if you can set one that's long enough.

If, instead, you had two or more POIs, then you would get an extra "after-the-fact" warning some time after you pass the actual speed trap area.

On second thought, a longer alert distance might be a problem if your POI is NOT along a rural section of highway. The alert could also be triggered as you drive on nearby streets that really aren't part of the speed trap. Magellan models have a directional setting that tells the GPS how far it should look to either side of your current heading for upcoming POIs. I haven't researched Garmin's functionality to see if it works the same way.

We'll probably need someone with first-hand experience to get a good answer for this question.


speed poi

Warning: overlapping POIs do not always work the way you expect, especially when they have identical coordinates. Newer models are better at this than earlier ones and set up a queue of 'active' POIs but there's still some room for error. Basically, If you have one POI alarm already active, it may not warning you that you've just come into the proximity of another POI.

If you have a unit which has its own speed camera database (e.g. Cyclops) as well as your alert POIs then the unit is trying to do even more things at once and is even more likely to miss warning you about one of them.

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