accessing POI files already in a GPS


I have a nuvi 350. I was trying to find some of the POI's, to get lat/long data, so that I could share them with someone. I couldn't figure anything out. What's the secret for getting in to the system, and not ruining it in the process? Thanks.


Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX

If you're talking about the

If you're talking about the coordinates for the places the device already knows about (food places, shopping places, airports, etc.) then it's strangely difficult. The simplest way is to

1) Start off with the device in 'simulated' mode so it doesn't know where you really are.
2) Pick you place from the 'Where to?' display and learn where it is on the map.
3) Go back to 'Where to?' and hit 'Browse map'. Scroll and click to the location of that place.
4) Hit the 'Set Loc.' button. Then hit 'Back'
5) Scroll back up to 'My Locations' and hit the 'My Current Location' button. It'll show you the coordinates (and elevation !).

If you have lots of these to do you can just save all these places to your own favourites list (hit the 'save' button), then connect to the receiver by USB and take a look inside the 'current.gpx' file and you'll see the coordinates of all the places you've saved.

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Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX