POI file format?


Is there a document or site where there is a detailed description of the POI file fields and their uses and limitations - particularly regarding the various Garmin units?

I want to be able to use my GPS units for Geocaching on an upcomming trip. I have (or will have) two units during the trip. In the car I have a C530 and I also have a Legend CX for field use.

I can get a file of cache locations from geocaching.com and easily convert the locations to POIs. But I want to convert them to POIs with maximum usability. I want the POIs in the C530 unit to present (without any alarm) on the unit display as I drive within a specific proximity of them. They should present with just the simple six character identifier. I want to be able to then display details about any selected cache such as the description etc. This could be multi-line info. The same POI file on the Legend CX may have the same, or similar, data but present differently.

I am quite able to handle the PC data formatting and manipulation but I really don't want to do any more 'trial and error' testing than necessary. I have thoroughly read the POI Loader help files but they just don't.

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These are good questions. I moved your post to its own topic so it will easier for other users to find. :)

You can find a good introduction to the Garmin CSV file format in our help section at Garmin CSV File Format

Through trial and error, I've also come up with these recommendations for field sizes:

** File Names **

- mixed case is strongly preferred for consistency with standard categories

- keep to about 25 characters or less to minimize the chance that text will be truncated

** POI Name ** (3rd column)

- Mixed case is preferable, but not essential

- Use a single line, 30 characters or less

** POI Description ** (4th column)

- Option 1: use a single line, 80 characters or less

- Option 2: use 2 or 3 lines, each about 30 characters or less (mixed case strongly preferred)

General Note:

These fields will take longer values, but you run more of a risk that data will not fit on the display of some GPS models.