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I see a lot of POI of certain stores, etc. I am interested in a POI of certain areas. Visiting North Myrtle Beach on vacation and would like POI of that area.
New at this so forgive if there is a place I can get area POI. Any ideas?

I started a Myrtle Beach POI but gave up on it...

...and never published it on this site. The stuff on your unit should suffice. The town isn't that big, and the town is so full of tourist shlock that secret hideaway places that no one knows about are very few.

Signs galore exist, there's tons of tourist pamphlets and brochures with dollars off coupons inside, giving the street addresses and phone numbers to every imaginable place you might want to go, be they restaurants, Dollywood, putt putt golf, or whatever pleases your fancy and thins your wallet. So, a POI, in my opinion, is just unnecessary duplication.

Enjoy your trip.


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Thanks GC

Thanks for your quick comment.

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You can install Garmin's Communicator Plugin, then search for places ie. restaurants, stores, etc in Google or Mapquest (both sites sends location to Garmin GPS) and send it to your GPS. The POIs will end up in your Favorite.
Sending locations to GPS have been previously discussed at this site, just do a search on Communicator.
Enjoy your trip. Hope this helps.

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