Change the "Metro Area Project - San Juan, PR" name?



I think that limiting a project name to just San Juan, is decieving! Since the POI that many of us has entered has been from different parts of PR, including nice beaches, etc.

I love that there are many of us to POI PR the right way, however, the "Metro Area Project - San Juan, PR" only limits tourists to the San Juan Area. Not knowing that most of the POI's submitted by others and me, are from other parts of PR. Therefore, the "Metro Area Project - San Juan, PR" should be changed to "Puerto Rico's POI Project" or something similar. With our official tourist motto "La Isla Te Esta Llamando" which means "The Island is Calling You" And a picture that would include in Flag, Coqui, and El Morro. Google it in pictures and there are beatiful ones.

will do

I will make that happen
miss poi