Decriminalizing the GPS


Re: Decriminalizing the GPS

It's a step in the right direction, but those mounting spots are no good for those of us with side-curtain airbags. If they go off... Boom! You have a brick flying inside the vehicle.

My current mounting solution is using a custom bracket and holder for my vehicle and PDA Phone (which is my GPS as well), that places it to the right of and above the factory radio, just under the central vents.

I'd recommend this setup to anyone that needs to clear room for side airbags, wants to have a near-factory install and/or be 50-state legal (so far).

Here's how I did it:

I get my device holders from:

Since I don't like Proclip's solution for my car, where the devices block the A/C vents (not here in Arizona, no way!) I got fixed mounting brackets from both:

Check both to see which one gives you the mounting spot you like more for your vehicle. Both offer brackets that mount using existing bolts, panels, etc, so generally, drilling or cutting is not required.

I use the higher mount for the phone/nav and the lower one for a Sirius satellite radio. This way the GPS screen is not so low, that I have to take my eyes off the road for long.

This setup gives a more stable setup, that vibrates less (if at all) and looks better (in my opinion) than suction or beanbag mounts. For an even cleaner look, the holders can be hardwired to the car's power, freeing 12V sockets, and leaving less cable clutter visible.