Trans Canada Hwy map outdated for New Brunswick


So on a trip through New Brunswick last week I found the new Trans Canada sections weren't represented very well for most of the trip from Quebec to Fredricton. I think my maps are only a year old and I thought most of those highway changes were at least a couple years old. Any New Brunswick locals have this problem? If so, do the 2008 maps address the problem?

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Trans Canada Hwy map outdated for New Brunswick

A large section of that highway between Woodstock, NB and Grand Falls only opened up official last November 1st. In the last week of July the new section finally showed up on Google maps, with Tele Atlas data. Around the same time I also received an email from Navteq that they had just updated their data that area.

If you want maps with the new route of the whole highway, I suspect you'll have to wait until Garmin's releases City Navigator 2010.

City Navigator 2008 still has the old highway from Woodstock to Kingsclear, but the 2009 version does fix this section.

So for now you'll have to watch the GPS keep recalculating and have a much better drive along the new highway.