Unusual Traffic Designs, How your GPSr handles them, and the Michigan Left Turn


There is a phenomenon in Kentwood, MI known as the "Michigan Left Turn". This maneuver requires you to go past the intersection where you want to make a left, then make a u-turn in specially provided places, return to your intersection and make a right turn.

Previous GPSr would tell me to turn left. My brother-in-law followed his GPSr's directions to turn left, and received an invitation to see the judge.

I was surprised that my Nuvi 255W gave me proper instructions for the "Michigan Left Turn."

What unusual traffic patterns have you encountered? How did your GPSr do, in getting you through it? What other traffic connivence have you faced?

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Offside Exits

In many instances when an exit is only available from the other side of the highway, my Nuvi suggests I make a U-Turn, though at times there is no place to do so. To date, it has never had me exit the highway and re-enter properly for the other direction.

RKF (Brookeville, MD) Garmin Nuvi 660, 360 & Street Pilot

NJ Jug-handles

Does NJ still have the "jug-handle" left turns? I remember those from the 1970's when I was working for RCA in the Cherry Hill area and they blew my mind. If so, how well do the GPSs handle those?

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Sounds like a "P turn"

I have family in Holland MI and there are a few of those "Michigan Left Turns" there. If reported properly, the Nuvi handles them just like an expressway ramp. You exit to the right, loop around and end up going left. There are a few of them here in Illinois.

The Garmins DO understand such things as "no left turn" intersections and will not try to have you turn left there. Of course, this depends on the municipality reporting the intersection as being that way.