Del Taco POI File


Hey There!

New to the board. So please forgive me if I come off as a total newbie.

I just spent the past few hours making my Mac think it was a PC to update my Magellan Maestro with new firmware and to try my hand at POIs

Thanks to this board (bows) I was able to download POIs and even figure out how to make one master POI file on my Magellan.

However, one indulgence POI seems to be incomplete. Del Taco.

I saw the note about unique naming messing up the Magellan. However, when I open up the file in Excel, it lists only 162 locations for Del Taco. I think personally I have been to over 162 locations myself. None of my local spots are listed.

So, is this just an incomplete list or should I try something different?

I am assuming if it is an incomplete list I should then contact the creator of the POI with the missing locations?

Thanks for the help!


note sent

I have forwarded this thread to the Manager of that file. I am sure that they will get into contact with you to get those locations added.

Thanks for letting us know.

Miss POI

Thanks! I have done some


I have done some digging around and found out currently there are over 500 Del Tacos. Their corporate office looks to be near me. I put a call into them. Hopefully they can just provide list.

Nice Job!!!

That sounds great, that would be very helpful.

Miss POI

Ok, so, out of curiosity I

Ok, so, out of curiosity I set up a POI file using Google Earth and GPS Babel.

It lists all the Del Tacos nationally.

However, there are some repeats and incorrect entries. I have tried everything to clean it up in Excel, but, cannot get a .csv file to show up correctly showing the address.

I am a Mac user. Not sure if there is just a incompatibility or something.

If someone is willing, I would love to send this file to try to get it in .csv format. I can then clean it up and post it.