Nuvi 660 traffic problems


I have a 25 mile commute around Baltimore to and from work. At first the traffic information I got from my Nuvi 660 (FM TMC) was pretty good but it seems to have gotten worse recently. I'm a traffic junkie, I watch the traffic online before I leave and listen to the reports on the radio. The traffic info I am getting from my Nuvi is usually at least half an hour out of date.

I'm also seeing some other really irritating behavior. It is taking longer and longer for traffic info to pop up once I start up. On a bad day it can take over 10 minutes. Is there anything I can do to force a connection?

Finally, I am wondering if they messed with the traffic delay/arrival time algorithm in the latest s/w update. I've been seeing really weird stuff like a predicted 95 minute delay for a 3-mile back up that I don't get routed around. Once I'm in the congestion area on the map, the delay figure will flip around wildly from 10 minutes to 90 minutes and back again but the arrival time doesn't change.

Is anyone else seeing this bizarre behavior?

-- Garmin 660 Ellicott City, MD

No serious problems with the 760 and the GTM-20

I have never had the delay minutes jump around like you describe, except when I told it to re-route me around a congestion spot. A moment later, it notified me of a delay on the new route. I told it to avoid that, too. Then a moment later it said there was yet another delay and I said to avoid that too. What it was doing was taking me off the expressway for a while and then getting back on further down the road. Then it would see there was another delay and suggest a route around that next segment. Eventually after the third "avoid" it had me stay on the secondary road all the way home.

I have mine set to *not* avoid traffic automatically. So instead it just notifies me and lets me look at it and choose. Perhaps that is what is going on - it's looking at your route in segments and showing you the next leg before it sees there is a delay there also and decides to re-route again.