My TT13Ed just died, help!


I'm hoping somebody can help me out w/ this. My TT was working fine everyday, then I went out of town for a few weeks. When I came back, it wouldn't turn on. It has been plugged in, with the green light showing it is getting power, but no display. I've tried it with the car charger, the wall outlet, and the USB cable, all to no avail. The computer doesn't even recognize when hooked up. I tried the reset button for 15 seconds, at least, but that didn't work either. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks to all who can help.

A thought

Have you tried holding down the power button and doing a reset at the same time? That seems to work for many units.

Hope it works for you!

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No luck

Just tried it, but that didn't work either. Searched around, and found a lot of refrences to the white screen of death problems that affected a bunch of these around X-mas time, but my screen isn't white/grey, it is off.

Re: My TT13Ed just died, help!

Unfortunately if you have followed the reset instructions for your model with no luck, it seems like it's bricked sad

Have you contacted TT support? Is it still under warranty? I think they will send you a shipping label and a replacement unit if it is.


Don't give up yet

Look here as well: for a possible solution to your problem. Do a search or post a question, I'm sure you'll find an answer one way or another! smile


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Hi, I think your battery


I think your battery just died.
I'v heard people done the next thing; unscrewing the TT and disconnect the battery cable from the panel and reconnect it again. Then the battery worked again.

Pls only do this at you last attempt to bring it back to life.

If you have some warranty left, use it.