Comment on custom poi on garmin nuvi 7xx


Dear All,
i made custom poi from garmin mapsource and made some words in comment through waypoint properties, after i load to Nuvi, foto, sound and comment works well the problem is i found comment double, i mean after comment finish, i scroll down i get same comment again below original comment, what's wrong about it ? anybody can help ? Thank's.


Open your .gpx file in notepad to see xml source

Open your .gpx file in Notepad and copy/paste it into a post here. If it is a large file, just paste enough to cover one waypoint.

That way we can see what is being generated by Mapsource and hopefully diagnose your issue.



Known Glitch

This is a known glitch. If it annoys you, you have two options.

1) After you create the file, open the gpx with notepad. You will see where it repeats. One will be text, the other will be cmt. simply delete only the wording that is between the text inside the > < symbols. Save the file then load it with POI loader and it will only have one.

2) Use the space. Same as above except instead of deleting the text, write something else and you will have two different paragraphs. You can use the the cmt for the address and the text for description.


yogi62e wrote:

what's wrong about it ?

This is due to a change made to POI Loader 2.5.2 It was reported to Garmin in April...

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Dear PaulATL, thank's for

Dear PaulATL,
thank's for your explanation, i do what you say and work well in my NUVI, also thank a lot for all you guys that give response my problem posting here, i have some Interesting POI but all of them in Indonesia, please let me know if you interested, also more of them with tourist article and photograph.