Zumo 450 versus 550


Ok, so this has probably neen beaten to death somewhere else in the POI Factory, but doing a search really didn't answer my questions. I've been GPS'ing for over a year now with my trusty and reliable c340. Now I'm looking to get a unit for my motorcycle since I do a lot of long-distance touring on my bike - an older BMW RT. And either the Zumo 450 or 550 seems to fit the bill.

I dpoke with someone at Garmin and he suggested that I might want to consider the 450 since I don't use Bluetooth technology yet. My helmet is wired to accept plug-in cords from sources such as a cell phone and MP3 player.

But before I make a decision, I'm looking to Motorcycle Mama and all the other riders out there using Zumos for some sound advice. Here are my questions...

Besides the Bluetooth capability, are there any other features that make the 550 a superior product to the 450?

Are the screens and ability to see the on-screen data different or the same?

Is the electrical wiring process the same?

Is $487 a good price for a new, in the sealed box, from an suthorized re-seller Zumo 450?

Any other thoughts on which unit is the right one to buy?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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The 450 also doesn't have TTS. Doesn't come with the auto mount or auto power cord. Doesn't support XM.

Otherwise the units and maps are the same.

You might not use Bluetooth now, but you might in the future. It's very convenient to have the Zumo manage the phone calls. (The calls show up on the screen where you can answer or ignore them. The MP3s and navigation prompts are silenced. You can dial from the Zumo screen. etc)

I use a wired headset between the Zumo mount and my helmet, but my phone is connected to the Zumo via Bluetooth. You can't connect the phone to the Zumo any other way.


Be sure to check out the Zumo forums if you haven't already.


TTS is the clincher

Thanks for that info, and the comparison site at Garmin. I'm so used to street names I think I would go nuts without that feature. I don't like cell phones, especially while I'm riding. Hell, I don't even like music (which drives my wife crazy).

I found a dealer selling the 550 with a three year warranty package and some other stuff for $696 which includes free shipping. Without the warranty they're selling it for $650. How does that sound? And yes, they are an authorized Garmin dealer.

My local BMW dealer is selling the 550 for about $1000 installed. I choked on that one.

MM - Thanks for the great help!

Garmin 765T...Is it about the destination, or is it about the journey?