Seasonal POIs?


I work with the Girl Scouts on the cookie sale and have access to the database with all the locations where girls will be selling cookies to the public. I would love to make a POI to help people find cookies but it would only be relevant for about 8 weeks. Is there a way to put up a POI and then take it down when it's out of date? The last thing I want to do is disappoint cookie lovers!

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Girl Scout Cookies ...

I'm sure Miss POI wouldn't mind posting the POI file. Just send her an e-mail to remind her to remove it when the time comes.

I bet there's lots of people that would like to get their cookies fix!

Put the months in the description

In the description of the POI just make it perfectly clear that the POI only applies during the months of XXX & XXXX.


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I am sure that this will be a great addition to the list. Go ahead and put the file together and add the dates that they will be there into the description area of the File page.

Miss POI