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i have the nuvi 750 and the nuvi 350. beeen using the 350 about a year before i got my 750.. and i have the traffic antenna for the 350. and all along its been giving me that yellow triangle if there is a slow traffic in my route. but then all of a sudden.. those little yellow triangles stopped appearing. but if i hit the wrench and then go into the traffic menu.. it shows the entire region and the road im traveling on has alerts. but no ALERT showing on my main screen as it ususally did..

then i got the 750.. and the trafffic antenna for that one. so im stoked. i know this one is gonnna show alerts. i just spent $400 for the unit and $200 for the antenna .. and then to my chagrin. it doesnt show the traffic alerts on the main screen either when i do a destination.. or even just in the map view. but if i hit the wrench and then traffic. it shows all the streets that have slow traffic.


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Traffic Alerts

I’m not sure. confused Could be your vehicle is to far from the problem on the road.
idea Maybe you need to get on the 405 freeway around 5:00 pm.
See if you get traffic alert. Warning, slow traffic ahead.

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sent the unit back to Garmin

sent the unit back to Garmin and they took it out for a test drive. and of course it shows traffic alerts in their area.. got it back. and same story. no traffic alerts.

this sucks

DriveSmart 50, DriveSmart 60, nuvi 2595, nuvi 3760,

Uncheck 'traffic' in the Avoidances menu

nansoutey, uncheck "Traffic" in the Avoidances menu. I think when I had this checked with my 760, it did not pop up notices when there was traffic. It just changed the route quietly. I currently run with it unchecked, and I get a notice when there is an event on my route and get the option to avoid or ignore it. You DO have a route going and not just driving with the map showing, right? You have to be routing to a destination in order for it to notify you.