Hello All


Just wanted to stop thru and say hi. This site is great.

Glad you stopped by Ro504

Hope you found some useful information. The people here are great and the POIs are hard to beat.

Here's another site with some good info if you're running a Garmin.


I also just join. It has

I also just join. It has alot of great info.




The family just keeps on growing, so welcome to you both.

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Nice to have you on board.

Nice to have you on board.

best site

you found the best site for POI's. Welcome.

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Welcome Ro504 and stevel123

Welcome Ro504 and stevel123, Great to have you with us.
This is a cool site.You will find a wealth of info here.You will also find some great people here with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be glad to help so if you have a question, feel free to ask and don't forget to check the FAQ, its got a lot of useful info.Enjoy
smile smile

Garmin Nuvi, 750

Garmin nuvi,750

I've learned a lot from this

I've learned a lot from this site. I'm trying to upgrade my SP7200 to a NUVI (which is more popular) so that I can start taking advantage of even more this site has to offer.


Ro504 wrote:

Just wanted to stop thru and say hi. This site is great.

hello and welcome,you can find some great help and people here.

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welcome to the site, it is

welcome to the site, it is nice to have all of you new people with us.

Miss POI

Hello Ro504.You came to the

Hello Ro504.You came to the right place.Plenty of custom pois for download.Sure you will find some to add to your Gps unit.

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Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard!

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We appreciate those who contribute. Welcome Aboard

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Howdy Partners

welcome to you both

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Enjoy your stay!

Welcome to the Site !!!

hey there. welcome to POI Factory.

what GPS units do ya have?

i put mine down here so people know what i have lol


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Hello and Welcome!

This site is full of great GPS information. Enjoy!!!


Lots of good info here.


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