Error in download poi file


How do I let other uses and the creater of a poi file that there is an error?

I recently found an error in the Fudruckers resturant file.
The address listed is correct but the actual gps coordiantes and incorrect, they take you to a neighborhood.

I knew the resturant was located on US-1 North (Broadway) Saugus, MA but not exactly where, and if anyone knows US-1 trying to do a U turn on a Sat can be challenginng. So I decied to use the download file (not the one that came preinstalled in my garmin 750) so I would not miss the entrance and have to turn around,and the directions took me off US-1 and into a neighborhood. I knew turning off US-1 was incorect but though maybe there was a parking lot entrance just off US-1. There was NOT. Fudruckers was about 1/2 mile north of the exit directions in the downloaded file.

You could just send a pm to

You could just send a pm to miss poi or to the creator of the poi file, which would be golfnm8.

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Re: Error In Download Poi File...

Hi grigglesnbean,

Just a thought...

How about using Google Maps to get the "correct" coordinates and then make the change, in your Fuddruckers_V.csv.

You may also want to send your new coordinates and the pertinent information (the name and address of the affected poi entry) to Golfnm8 (the creator of the file) or Miss POI, for the file to be updated.



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message sent.

I have sent a message over to the maintainer of that file.

Thanks for letting us know.

Miss POI