state border / boundaries


Is there a POI file that contains the state boundaries?

I was driving through various states on a recent road trip and thought it would nice to be able to see that there is an upcoming state border. I couldn't find a way in a Garmin 750 that would indicate the state border.

Thanks for your help.

State borders are marked with a line on 760

On my 760, state borders are marked with a line. Being in DC area, I cross state borders on a daily basis.

Garmin Nuvi 760 User

Dotted line on my 750

My 750 shows a dotted line for the state borders

State/Prov borders

I thought the Map Detail setting might change whether the dotted line is shown or not. NOT!

The line is shown at ALL detail levels... on the 200W that is.

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Dashed Line

State Borders show up as a dashed line on my Nuvi 660.