Looking for a windshield mount


No, I'm not talking about the one for a GPS. But I figured y'all have dealt with various mounting devices, and are the right people to ask.

Anyone know of a good way to mount a toll transponder (EZ-tag, Expresstoll, etc) on the windshield with a suction cup without having to use the semi-permanent adhesive tape?

Anyone seen some kind of mounting bracket for this?

I'm looking for a way to mount the transponder when I drive on the local tollway (E-470), and remove it without the ugly Velcro strip on the windshield the rest of the time.

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Not a windshield mount but......

This isn't a windshield mount but have you looked at this?


Otherwise I'd suggest checking out www.ram-mount.com to see if they can provide what you are looking for.

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