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I just updated my Garmin C340 with the traffic/red light camera. I put in the gps but my question is will it automatically show up on the map when I'm driving. Not really sure how this works.

you will see the icon on the

You will see the icon on the map when you zoom in real close.You may have to use the 2d map view.You will get the alert at 1/4 mile from the intersection.To see your custm pois go to where to,my locations and touch custom pois.

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Red light cameras

First of all, welcome to the Factory. It's a cool place.
Second of all, once the Redlight POI is downloaded to your GPSr, it's ready to go. Even if you can't see the icon, you,ll still be alerted to the presence of a camera. You don't have to do anything else at all.

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