Mac POI Organizer application released!


Hi everyone,
As promised my best buddy Merchon has given me the ok to announce here first the official release of his program POI Organizer.

The program will allow users to manage POI's with a iTunes-like interface, view a map of the POI, export directly to GPS through Garmin's POI Loader program, search for a particular POI, import addresses from Mac's Address Book and geocode the address and more.

The program is "Donationware" and supporting it will allow him to release future versions. He is already thinking about new features for version 2.0. You can find the program and other information at:

For the few beta testers I would urge you to re-download. there have been a couple of bug fixes and now included is a quick start guide.

He wanted me to thank all of you for the interest in this program. As I can attest, it does a great job managing POI's. I have over 17,500 points in my database.

If I can answer any questions for anyone, please don't hesitate to post here or send me a PM.

Happy Mac GPSing cool

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In the few minutes I have

In the few minutes I have spend playing with it its great! Should come in really handy.

Pretty good!

Looks pretty good!


a log window, so when it barfs importing a file, I can bring up the log window and see where it barfed (and users who don't care aren't bothered).

a progress bar when exporting lots of POIs -- exporting 8500 points on my macbook took a while!

some way of dealing with POIs where EVERYTHING IS IN CAPS -- python's title() string method comes to mind, capitalizing Every First Letter In A String and dropping the rest to lower case. (See the Home Depot CSV for example.)

...and $15 on its way via my PayPal account -- keep up the good work!

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RE Pretty Good

Just to clariy I did not write the program, my buddy Merchon did. I will pass along your suggestions to him. I think some of what you requested is already in the pipeline.

On his behalf, thank you for supporting independent programmers.

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Thanks for the head's

Thanks for the head's up.

I'm going to check this out when i get home tonight

Re: Mac POI Organizer Application Released!...

Hi Chuck,

Kudos to Merchon...

I've tried and like the new POI Organizer for the Mac. I've already sent my donation...

Keep up the good work!!!



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What a great app

This is so nice for quickly checking your POI files. I also found it very helpful for creating a csv file of folks in my Address Book. I've already sent my donation. Highly recommended for all Mac+Garmin users.

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Only works with OS 10.5

Only works with OS 10.5. sad


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POI Org Failed to Parse??

Chuck7904 -- POI Organizer is a very nice looking program, but on my first attempt to import a file that I had downloaded from POI Factory, it returned a message that the “import failed because the .csv file failed to parse correctly.”

The file downloaded from POI Factory is MI Wineries.gpx. I then went to GPS Visualizer and converted the .gpx file to a .csv.txt file. I then changed the name of the file to get rid of the .txt. (That .gpx file works OK as a Google Map conversion also done at the Visualizer site.)

All attempts to import that file have failed with the “parse” error. Anyone know how to cure a bad parse to get it into POI Organizer? Anyone even know what a bad parse is??

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GarTrav wrote:

The file downloaded from POI Factory is MI Wineries.gpx. I then went to GPS Visualizer and converted the .gpx file to a .csv file...

Does have a 4 column Garmin CSV o/p format? The csv file I got from it, had 8 columns:

(instead of)

Also, you're going to lose quite a lot of the information in that file, if you don't merge the 'streetaddress' / 'phone number' / 'email' & 'description' fields from the .gpx input, into the .csv comment 'column'.

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Parse error


The Poi Organizer program only deals with csv files at the moment. Please see the quick start guide appendix to see an example of the file format. Phi's instructions above are right on. If you wish to have linebreaks in the comment field put in a html BR where you want to have the linebreak or edit the linebreaks in POI Organizer after import.

Example: Lat,Lon,"POI Name","comment line1 BR line2 BR line3"

direct gpx imput/output is a future feature the programmer(not me) is working on. Hope this helps.

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