Difficulty Uploading Speed and Redlight POI


I have a Garmin Nuvi 760 and a MacBook Pro 2.4 GHZ. I downloaded the Garmin POI software, and have been trying to load the POIs from this website into my Garmin. In any event, the process goes smoothly until I get to the point where I can select the files to go into the Nuvi from the Mac. They cannot be selected -- they are the light grey color. I also tried dragging them into the Garmin icon on the desktop to no effect.

I have read the FAQs and the directions listed on the uploading link, and I am not sure what is going on. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Raymond Lombardo

Try another OS

Just try windows and check if that helps with the POI.If so..then its POI on MAC problem.

How would I run windows on a

How would I run windows on a Mac? Unless you get windows, I wouldn't think a Mac has this loaded.

I do have MS Office, fyi.

Thank you.

Folder Not File


You are trying to pick the files, but you are supposed to pick the folder in which the files reside -- not the files themselves. Also, make sure you are using the Mac beta version.

Nuvi 660 -- and not upgrading it or maps until Garmin fixes long-standing bugs/problems, and get maps to where they are much more current, AND corrected on a more timely basis when advised of mistakes.

Thank you! Duh on me. It

Thank you! Duh on me. It worked like a charm. Much appreciated.