Does anyone know what the limit is for POI's for the C330.
I think someone once told me it was 500 POI's.

Anyone know for sure, or have more than that ??

I do know it will only show the closest 50, but the other 400+ I have are still in the machine, you just have to spell search for them.


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The c330 will hold 500 waypoints, but "waypoints" are different than "custom POIs".

The specs posted on Garmin's site don't say how many custom POIs the c330 will hold. I suspect the limit may be based on free memory, so the number might vary based on how long the name / description fields are in each record.

The browse list on my i2 also shows the 50 nearest, but I can use the spell feature to find more distant locations. Right now, I have the 17,000 island locations loaded without a problem.

Have you tried a spell search for custom POIs on the c330?


Spell search works

I have my Paintball sites loaded.
Thats around 400 from South East
and over 100 North East sites.

And they all are on the C330.
Like I said, It only shows the first 50, but ALL the others ARE on the system, I just have to spell search for them.

I might try to load a bigger POI file, and just play to see if it holds all of them.
I'll post what I find out.