Redlight and speed alerts


I downloaded the redlight cameras and school zones files to my nuvi 350.I notice that nothing was working,school zones or cameras,no alerts.After serveral failed attempts i decided to convert the format from csv to gpx,now they work.Is it neccesary to do this with speed and proximity alerts?

alert settings

By default, POI Loader will set alerts automatically for the Redlight Cameras file but not the Schools file.

The file format (CSV or GPX) shouldn't matter for setting alerts. However, the file name is important because POI Loader looks for keywords in the name of the file to decide if alerts should be enabled by default.

There's a pretty good explanation of this in the help file that comes with POI Loader (see "Creating Custom POI Files").

Here are some highlights:

If the file name contains "redlight", POI Loader assumes all records in the file have proximity alerts with a distance of 400m/0.25 miles

If a file name contains a valid speed number, then all records in the file will include speed and proximity alerts. For example, a data file with the file name "Speed_30" generates speed alerts of 30 mph for each POI in the file.

If a file contains "GATSO," "mobile," "SPECS," "safety," "speed," or "camera," but does not have a speed, POI Loader uses a default alert speed of 0, which means you will always be alerted.

You can override the default settings by entering your desired values into POI loader as you're loading the files.

Did you happen to change the "Redlight Cameras.csv" file name before you tried loading it? (This might be one possible reason why alerts weren't set.)

Lastly, I hadn't thought about using school locations for speed alerts. How's it working for you?