I just joined and am not sure if I was able to download the camera file onto my Nuvi 360. Is there a way to verify that it is on there? Thanks


Am I supposed to install the POI loader onto my unit or just onto the computer?

POI Loader

POI Loader installs on your computer. It lets your computer read POI files and send them to your GPS.

After you've loaded POIs to your nuvi, you should be able to see them under "Where to" / "Extras" / "Custom POIs"


JM--Thanks for your help. I

JM--Thanks for your help. I have followed the install instructions on the site, but can't seem to get them onto the Nuvi. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Install location / results

Are you installing to the GPS or the SD Card?

Is POI Loader reporting the number of locations that were successfully transferred?


I am installing to the GPS

I am installing to the GPS unit.

I installed the POI Loader onto my Desktop and then intalled the Zip file onto my desktop, opened it and copied the red light camera file to another file on my desktop and then went back and double clicked the POI loader on the desktop and it comes to Open File-Security Warning, I hit run and POI Loader-Install Wizard Shield pops up and says "this product(InstallShield Wizard) is already installed. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

POI Loader

It sounds like the icon on your desktop is for the file you downloaded from Garmin. When you double click on it, it runs the install process to setup POI Loader on your computer.

Now that that's done, you should be able to find the POI loader program in your start menu. I think the default location us under "Start" "All Programs" "Garmin". Go there and click on "POI Loader", and it should start the program.

Also, you can throw away the poiloader file you downloaded from Garmin now that the software is setup on your PC. There's no need to keep it on your desktop.

Got it!!

That was it. I needed to delete it from the desktop and find it under Start. Thanks so much for your help. I greatly appreciate it.


Is there a way on the unit to have a notification when you are approaching cameras? Thanks again for your help.

Distance Alert

POI loader will automatically setup a distance alert for red light locations. A warning message will appear on the screen when you're within 1320 feet of the red light location.

You can change the distance or disable the warnings all together by overriding the default settings in POI Loader. Watch the POI Loader screens carefully, and you'll see an alert settings screen for each POI file you're loading. Just change the settings before clicking "Next".