Nuvi 350 Stuck in Re-calculating


Last weekend wife and I made a trip to the casinos in Mississippi. After I enter I-10 West the Nuvi 350 went into a re-calculating mode and repeated it for 10 times, like a broken record, no pause just continuous re-calculating. I almost turned it off but it recovered. Next thing it want me to exit in .2 miles where there was no exit. The last thing I did to the unit was to update the receiver with Web Updater. Anyone else having these problems? Jim

de K4VW Nuvi 350

I'd try

The reset button on the back of the unit, under the antenna. Then, it if does it again, try going into the diagnostics screen (on the main screen, hold your finger on the time in the upper right corner for more than 5 seconds) and then power the unit down, and turn it on again. If it continues to fail, it's possible you have some corrupt data in the unit's memory, and will have to send it to Garmin and have it fixed.

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