dashboard/windsheild/car vent mount for Garmin Nuvi 350?


I just bought the Garmin Nuvi 350. It came with a windsheild mount, and a "dashboard disk" to attach it to your dashboard (with an adhesive). From reading past reviews, it looks like it used to come with a car vent mount, instead. Did they stop including this because it was horrible, or because they wanted to save money?

I don't know about the windsheild mount.. it seems like it would be too easy for the suction cup to lose suction, and then have it fall while I'm driving. The dashboard mount would be ok, but I have a 2000 nissan sentra.. both sides have airbags, and the middle has a compartment thingy.. there is no good place to stick it on. I was thinking about buying a different kind of car mount. Does anyone have one that they really like? Also, if you use the suction cup windshield mount, what do you think of it?


Dash Mount

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I don't know about yours but the one that comes with the 7500 has a bottom plate with an adhesive on it too.
I am going to put it on the truck dash with the plate on. And use small sand bags around it. I don't want that sticky stuff on my dash board, and certainly not any screws. If the part that is supposed to be peeled off is to slippery, I will use that non skid stuff you get at Wally World for the RV. Just put it under it and the sand bags will hold the Garmin.

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I use the suction cup mount

I use the suction cup mount and if you attach it correctly it works well. I have had it fall once off and I feel it did because I didn't attach it right. The Nuvi has never come with a vent mount as far as I know.

The mount that I like is a vent mount and could be purchased here.

I know it says it's for a Nuvi 660 but it will work for any Nuvi because it uses your original cradle mount( the part that your Nuvi snaps into.)


Suction cup works great

I've used the suction cup exclusively on my Nuvi 350. It's never fallen off. If anything, I have to work to remove the cup when I want to, at the end of a road trip; it holds with great tenacity. I've left it on for 4-5 days at a time, run the windshield defogger, with and w/o the a/c running at the same time. No problem.


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Suggested eBay source


I bought a Garmin c320 last month as a replacement for my eMap. I went to eBay for accessories and found several good suppliers. One source with a wide range of uncommon mounts is the seller known as 'mfauls'; you can do a search on items listed by that name. He runs an eBay store called 'MF X2' (that's a single space between the parts). If he has no current auctions for what you're seeking, you can use the Ask the Seller a Question provision within eBay. You can run searches without being a registered eBay member.

Aside from being a customer I have no connection with that seller. I do like his goods.

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I too have purchased a vent

I too have purchased a vent mount from this seller. I'm very happy with the mount.

Ok, so do all the Nuvis use

Ok, so do all the Nuvis use the same ball type connector to the mount? The vent mounts that this ebay seller is selling specifically for the 350 appear to have a different cradle that goes around the unit. I would rather use my own cradle. The vent mount he (or she) is selling for the 660 says it uses the nuvi's existing cradle and uses the round ball/hole thing to connect it.

As long as the 660 and the 350 has the same size ball things, I'll buy the one for the 660 instead. I just want to confirm before I spend all that money. I have also emailed the seller (yesterday), but I'm impatient.


I emailed the seller and yes

I emailed the seller and yes they said the 660 mount they are selling will work with the 350 cradle. Same ball size. I'm ordering one of the 660 mount too.

What timing!

Just wanted to thank everyone for contributing to this thread. I just got a Nüvi 350 for Christmas and was dismayed to find out that being a California resident precluded me from using the suction cup mount.

I jerry-rigged the mount into the storage cubby between the stereo and climate control in my Passat, but it's less than ideal (although it does kinda work).

This vent mount for the 660 is absolutely perfect - I just ordered one right now. Plus this will allow me to keep the suction mount in my travel bag for car rentals.

Thanks again for the pointers!

Suction Mount

I use the suction mount in my wife's Honda Civic. It's been in place now for 3 weeks and still stuck like glue to the windshield. (I wet it a little before applying.)

Being in California, I placed the suction mount low on the left side of the windshield so that the C320 was resting on the dash. I figured what the heck, it's touching the dash and would actually be higher if I mounted it to the dash. Besides, my wife has a dash carpet in place and said she'd kill me if I stuck that disk ANYWHERE in her car.

That innocent-looking dashboard disk

Hi. I'm glad my eBay referral was helpful.

In respect of the Garmin-supplied adhesive disk that allows a suction mount to be secured off the windshield....


From page 23 of my Garmin c320's on-line Owner's Manual (quoted without permission) -

--- Begin quoted material ---

If you do not want to mount the c320 to your vehicle's windshield, use the enclosed disk to mount your unit to the dashboard.

To mount the disk:
1. Clean and dry the area on your dashboard where the disk is to be placed.
2. Remove the backing from the permanent mounting adhesive on the bottom of the disk and place the disk on the dashboard.
3. Place the c320 (still mounted to the suction cup mount) on top of the disk. Secure the suction cup mount to the disk, following the instructions included in your Setup Guide.
IMPORTANT: The PERMANENT mounting adhesive is extremely difficult to remove after it is installed.

--- End quoted material ---

I expect that the same irreversible result applies for any Garmin device with which the adhesive-secured disk is supplied.

Please do download, save and read the online manual for your own device. I took the trouble to print a copy and bind it as a convenient reference in the glove compartment. A trailing dial-up cord would limit the range of my car. smile

Happy travels in 2007 to all POI Factory members.

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360 Car Vent Mount questions?

Does it block the vents and create problems with heating/cooling?

Does it dampen the sound?

I know I need a solution to the windshield mount. At night, the reflection of the Nuvi screen is really distracting.

I have tried putting my Nuvi 360 in the fold up compartment where my satellite radio is hidden from view. But while you can see it fine there - and even access the screen - the sound at full volume gets so muffled in the compartment that it's not an acceptable solution.

Does the vent still work

When you use the vent mount does the vent have to be closed. And if not would it cause the unit to over heat if using the vents for heat



I tried to remove the window suction mount from my wife's car the other day... IT WON'T COME OFF! For some reason the rubber has fused itself to the windshield. I'm sure I could use a blade to remove it, but the rubber would be destroyed. So, it's got a permanent residence in my wife's car.


re: Yikes!

Exactly how long was the suction mount attached to the windshield? I take mine off for theft reasons. I also keep one of those suction mounted note pad things from Staples so thieves think I do not have a GPS. That's been in my car for months now!!


I travel regularly for my job. I fly and then usually have to drive an hour or so to my final destination and it's always someplace different. I'm constantly removing and placing my suction mount in various rental cars. It seems that the harder you press the suction cup against the window when you engage the locking mechanism, the harder it is to get off. The suction cup lip though helps to release the lock on the glass. I have always been able to get the unit off without using anything to pry it off. Even in extremely hot or cold conditions. Maybe the key is to not leave it on for long periods of time. This will also keep the thieves in this world from a smash and grab...and you from getting your side window fixed. My 5 cents worth...

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Just like me


You sound just like me. I echo you comments exactly.


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Jassoma.... Sounds like a

Jassoma.... Sounds like a wonderful valentine's gift you gave her...
So what are you buying to replace it for yourself?? smile

A straight razor or even a fine ball point pen to break the seal may help (careful not to scratch the glass.... I've never had to do an more then just lift the little lip/tab that's actuall molded to the rubber.