POI data base, Scat Machines?


All of you river runners out there. I wonder if we could build a data base for scat machines. I am not sure where to go to find out their locations. Any suggestions?

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What's a scat machine?

Sounds like my cat...

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Scat machine

If you have to ask you probably do not want to know. But I'll tell you anyway. When you travel on "Permit" rivers you are required to pack out all your "solid" waste (Scat). Anyway a scat Machine cleans and empties out your wilderness toilet, for a small fee.

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Whats a scat machine?

aophiuchus wrote:

Sounds like my cat...

Nope not a cat, but here are some pictures to go along with the above explanation.



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Your post made me curious

So I googled scat machines and scat machine locations and found the following:

Asotin, WA
Contact: Lu Verne Grussing, BLM Cottonwood Resource Area, Cottonwood, Idaho-208-962-3245. Site on city sewer system.

Riggins, ID
Contact: Nez Perce National Forest, Graingeville, Idaho-208-983-1950. Site on city sewer system.

Meadview, AZ
Contact: Dave Chapman, Grand Canyon River Ranger-520-564-2918. Site on septic leach line system.

North Fork, ID
Contact: Sarah Lau, Engineer, Forest Service, Salmon, Idaho-208-756-2240. Site on lagoon system.

Priest Lake, ID
Contact: Debbie Wilkins, Forest Service Priest Lake, Idaho-208-443-2512. Site on septic leach line system.

Agnes, OR (also known as Foster Bar site, Rogue River)
Contact: Ken Vines, Forest Service, Gold Beach Ranger Station, Goldbeach, Oregon-541-247-3600. This is SCAT Machine site services the Wild section of the Rogue River.

Heritage Landing, OR
Contact: Ramin Pakdel, State of Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, 1115 Commercial St NE, Suite 1, Salem, OR, 503-378-4168, ext. 270. This machine was completed in the summer of 2002 and is located at the mouth of the Deschutes River servicing the Lower Deschutes.

Maupin, OR
Contact: Lynette Ripley, Bureau of Land Management, Park Ranger, Prineville, OR, 541-416-6781. This machine was completed in the fall of 2002 and is located at the Maupin City Park in Maupin, OR. It also services the Lower Deschutes.

Happy Camp, CA
Contact: Dave Greenberg, Happy Camp Sanitary District, Happy Camp, CA, 530-493-5293. This site is our newest site servicing the Lower Klamath River in northern California.
New Product-SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer

Kanab, UT
Contact: Brenda Land, U.S. Forest Service San Dimas Research Center, (909) 599-1267 ext 219. The SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer is for use in backcountry land and water based situations where individual users carry their own small Poop Tube toilet. Poop Tube toilets are 4" in diameter and 20" long with an easy on/off cap for deposition of waste and clean-out. This method of carry-out is ideal for backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, etc.

Your right I shouldn't have asked.. twisted

Now I'll see if I can locate any of these places, that should keep me out of the litter box for a while..

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Well my cat is definately a scat machine...

As far a locations, do you need the exact site or just the town. The first one on the list looks like a pretty small town, suppose someone there could tell you where the scat dump is? shock

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Asotin scat machine

I have been there. Its in the park as your leaving town on the right, maybe its a rest area, whatever it is on the snake river. Any way I was thinking more like the exact location. I could probably do most of the legwork but am real new to this POI stuff I just figured out how to load them into my NUVI.
Also I am a little afraid that if I take up this project I might have to change my username to scatmaster or something like that.

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It gives Scatman a whole new meaning..

If you do the leg work I'd be happy to help you with the poi file. I also found these locations on the Rouge:

Quosatana Campground (Forest Service Road 33, on the way to Gold Beach)
Rest Area across from Harris Beach State Park (Highway 101 near Brookings, OR)
Rest Area near Collier Tunnel (Highway 199 near Oregon/California border)
Gold Beach (end of 5th street)
Indian Mary Park (Galice Road, 5 miles up river from Galice Resort)
Powers County Park (Forest Service Road 33, north to Powers,

Google earth is a great way to get the coordinates if you have been there and know the exact location...

You may find these informative:

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Here's a few more...

There are SCAT Machines for cleaning and sanitizing carryout equipment located at Chief Looking Glass Park in Asotin, Washington and at the Chevron station in Riggins, Idaho. There is also a marine sanitation device (MSD) pump station at Hells Gate State Park Marina in Lewiston, Idaho for powerboaters who have MSD's
installed in their boats.

And I've got the perfect mp3 file, "scatman" by John Scatman

It is terrible to speak well and be wrong. -Sophocles snɥɔnıɥdoɐ aka ʎɹɐƃ

lat lon for asotin scat


also you mentioned the chevron station in Riggins the address is close enough. Although I noticed that that station is not in the built in POI database for my nuvi 360

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A Human Litter Box

Anyone remember "Scatman Crothers"?

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and the meaning of scat at that time... Now it's Rap...

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> Anyone remember "Scatman Crothers"?

Didn't he get killed in The Shining?

Put-ins and Take-outs

I'd much rather see a list of put-ins and take-outs. I tend to do day trips not expeditions.

But there are a lot more of them.

I cant believe I opened

I cant believe I opened this thread at 8 am on a friday. There really is no other way to start your day!...lol

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POIs I would like to see?

I would like to see all the campgrounds in Canada with phone numbers and amenities list.... such as hot showers, phone, net, cable, water, electric, sewer etc....

I would like to see all the campgrounds in the US with the same listings for each poi.

I would like to see phone numbers on every poi... in every file.

Just a few of my favorite things. lol


I thought it was Senior Center Auto Transport, we have them here in NJ...LoL

We doo, too

In St. Charles, MO., there are Senior Citizen busses running around with SCAT (St. Charles Area Transit) on the side.

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Was like you, AO, had to look it up

I must admit...to be old, you can still learn new things. Been RV'ing a long time...but I pull the 'big ones'...from 25-40' RV's, and normally, my worst 'scat-enounter' is having to manually open a blackwater knife valve...(or fight a busted sewer hose).

I had to go look up 'scat machine', just to see what it was...and it answered another, older question I had always wondered...'how does anyone dump those things?' I figured it was a 'privy-hole' digging, no one looking, hold your nose type of ordeal. I mean, they still sell them...and some look quite fancy...just never made the 'connect' that they had big honey pots out there to dump them into, where they could get a good inside-outside sanitation and all, before you re-used them.

Very educational!