Idea: Armored Fighting Vehicles & Military displays


It seems like many VFWs, Main Streets and other civic builings in the US have tanks and other armored vehicles parked out front. As a bit of a "treadhead" I like to sometimes check them out as I travel. I think Waymark has a "Military Ground Equipment Display". There is an M-42 Duster near me ( and I remember seeing my first Stewart tank while visiting a friend in Brunswick. smile

I didn't see any POI featuring hardware. Is anyone interested. I rember seeing a list a while back with locations of vehicles across the country, but I'll be darned if I can find it again.

Closest I have is the Naval

Closest I have is the Naval Museum POI list, which is focused on maritime stuff versus tanks and the like. I think it's posted here under museums.

I tried to list the actual vessels as well (i.e. BB 62 USS New Jersey in Camden, NJ, etc). Actually, it's pretty cool to use terraserver or google earth or whatever and zoom in on some of the vessels. For the carriers, you can actually read the hull numbers on the flight deck!

Similar thought

After I got about half way through my Ohio VFW POI I started thinking about putting in things like static display, meeting nights, and weekly/monthly meals some posts do or karaoke night for others.