Contributors of the Week 2008-05-19


This week we are recognizing athedrummaster and bentbiker.

athedrummaster, you brought a youthful enthusiasm to the group with your new Cigar Shop Project. I have enjoyed watching you bounce around energizing everyone.

bentbiker, your participation in the boards is so valuable to this community. You are so knowledgeable and ready to assist.

I have taken some time off this weekend and have been enjoying time with friends and family. My work is piling up a bit but I will be getting all caught up starting tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for another great week.

Miss POI

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Congratulations to both award winners! You help make this site the best it can be!

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I may not look like Dick Van Dyke like Gary A... laugh out loud but still a heart-felt thanks to both of you.

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Congratulations to you both.

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well done......

......and well deserved. smile

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Contributors of the Week 05-19-08

Congrats to you both. Great job.

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Congratulations to each of

Congratulations to each of you.

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Good going...

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Congratulations on your COW awards..
Keep up the great work!!!!!


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Nice Job :-)

Holy cow you Guy's, Nice job!
Thanks for the help


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COW award

Well done to both of you!

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Congratulations guys! You

Congratulations guys! You deserve it!



Fine Job athedrummaster and bentbiker keep up the good work Congrads to both of you

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Congratulations on being recognized.

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